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10 Reasons Why Custom WordPress Web Design Is Better Than Readymade Themes

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10 Reasons Why Custom WordPress Web Design Is Better Than Readymade Themes

A WordPress web design is far better than pre-built themes as designers can easily customise it to fulfil your business requirements.

After almost seventeen years, WordPress is still the most popular CMS in the market. WordPress is used for creating various websites from individual to e-commerce. It’s just a platform to get a website, then why is it incredibly popular? WordPress offers a user-friendly control panel with plugins, widgets and customer support. A designer with a lot of creativity can get you an engaging website through WordPress.

However, if you want to choose from different themes, then ready-made themes could be a good option to choose a website theme. Readymade themes are an on-click install process in WordPress but the question arrive does it fits your business or not. We’ll discuss how custom WordPress designs can best suit your brand.

What Is a Theme in WordPress?

The theme in WordPress is a set of files showing the website look including images and content layout. These files have images, templates PHP files, JavaScript files, CSS stylesheets and various tools. One theme changes the complete design of your website that a visitor can see.

How to get a WordPress theme?

There are easy ways to get WP themes –

  • Download a free theme from WordPress’s official portal.
  • Buy the premium theme on different sites.
  • Hire a professional agency or a designer to design a custom theme.

What Makes Custom WordPress Web Design Better Than Readymade Themes

A customised theme can be of two types, designing a new theme for a website and tweaking the code of the readymade website. Let’s see why creating a theme from scratch is more beneficial than using a pre-built theme.

  1.  Tailor-Made For Your Business

    A successful online presence is more than having a website. It appeals to your audience and offers their requirements and a user-friendly experience. The customised website exhibits your unique value proposition. You should understand the business goals that you can achieve through your website. The custom build helps you from starting point to fulfil your business goals. The readymade themes can’t guarantee the desired outcome.

  2. Differentiate the Brand from Others

    Your chosen pre-built theme may be similar to other brands or businesses in your industry. It’s not a good thing because your audience can be confused to use the services. Even if you purchase a premium theme, then it could be the same action as others as 15% market is running with these premium themes.

    A custom theme won’t match any other website. All elements are designed and used from starting and resulting in a unique design. It contributes to better customer engagement, sales and brand recognition.

  3. Reliable and Adaptable Website

    Ready-made websites have so many functions that you never use and you can’t remove them too. These functions may increase the site loading time and your visitors may move on before completely entering your website.

    The customised website is based on requirements, hence they are easily adaptable to each screen and device. A designer uses light codes and tools to not make your site heavy or find any difficulty in loading any page. It enhances the server response time and makes the site reliable.

  4. SEO-Friendly Features and Functions

    Creating the first website is specific and everyone wants their website to rank on search engines. But does a pre-built theme provide such benefits? Yes, the premium WP themes come with such functioning, but still, you’ll require put some more effort to customise them.

    The custom website is made to keep the SEO perspective in mind. It provides the SEO-based structure from start to end line to index your content easily on search engines.

  5. First-Hand Support By Developers

    Readymade themes end up with many issues, bugs and errors after a time that you won’t be able to handle yourself unless you take help from tech support. The theme also may be incomputable with the required plugin leaving the website incomplete. It can take ages to resolve issues yourself.

    The custom WP website is on the designers’ or the designer agency’s end making you free from stress as they take their guarantee for website issues. A business never wants to stop its services from showing among customers and audiences, hence it’s better to go with custom themes to not face any issues, even if you do, you’ll have the tech support of designers.

  6. Control over Your Website

    A ready-made theme is like a contractor’s house that you don’t know what material is used. Similarly, your pre-built theme can’t give you complete control to enhance your website’s look.

    A custom-built WP theme is different from a pre-built theme because it allows you to change, edit, and enhance your website’s look, design and its behave. With this, your business stands out from the competitors providing a unique design with full control.

  7. Easy to Update

    Each software, program and app needs to be updated. The market trends change within a certain time and a business need to go according to these changes where updating your website is important. WordPress themes keep all updates and the latest features. With the premium theme, it may be difficult to update the website as the provider may ignore updates. It makes the site insecure.

    The custom themes are updated by designers to not adopt any risk. You can ask your WP developer to update the website to provide your customers with a secure experience.

  8. Speed And Security Optimisation

    Before designing the WP theme, everything is optimised in custom built and the site is made in a way to keep it safe from all bugs, security breaches and cyber-attacks. No code bloat and unnecessary plugins in the custom build are included as they may slow down the website speed.

    With the pre-built WP themes, the advantages and disadvantages work equally because if the theme is lightweight, then your website works fast. But if the theme is using additional codes and programs, then it’ll impact the speed without any security guarantee.

  9. Unique Branding With Excellent Performance

    Overloaded with all kinds of unnecessary fancy features, many premium themes can’t guarantee the uniqueness of your brand. Codes used in fancy features sink the performance causing a reduction in sales, low SEO rankings and risk.

    No doubt, the custom WP theme is always unique because it’s filled with the designer’s creativity and knowledge with added attractive functions and features to give a different look. Website is the core value of a business and custom designs separate you from competitors.

  10. Easy to edit and modify

    Purchasing a premium WordPress theme won’t allow you to edit anything additional on your website. You can just add your details, and business services and create similar new pages. There are times when you want to change so many features and functions on your website to modify it and meet with the latest market. The pre-built theme doesn’t offer you that.

The custom themes are customisable means one can easily edit and modify the website at any time. You can ask your designers to change, expand and modify anything on your website. Hence, it’s best to choose a custom WordPress Website theme instead the ready-made one.

Is there any limitation of Custom WP Theme Design?

We have discussed how custom WP designs are beneficial in most parts of the business but there are some limitations that you should know before hiring any designer or starting design yourself –

Needs time –

Custom theme designs take time to show the final results. Hence, you’ll have to wait until the development doesn’t finish.

Need Coding knowledge –

You can’t build a custom design for a website until you gain enough coding knowledge about website design.

Cost is a bit expensive –

Businesses don’t put their effort into designing websites as they need a lot of knowledge, hence hiring a designer or a web design agency is an option. It leads to cost them a bit high as they make efforts, tools, resources, and time for your website.

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