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11 Useful Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2023

11 Useful Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2023

Being a WP developer, knowing the best Social Media Plugins in the latest trend is important.

With a social media plugin, the website owner can integrate multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more into social icon widgets on the website. It helps your audience in sharing your content on their social media profiles.

Social media is a staple in online marketing that can help grow your business audience, drive traffic to the website, and create brand awareness and more. Use the WordPress social media plugin to integrate your social media channel into the website.

How should be a social media plugin?

Among various types and the huge range of social media plugins, how would you decide whether it fulfils your requirement or not? There are some must-have qualities in these tools to help you choose one. You won’t find everything in one plugin, hence different essential functionalities are required to use.

You can identify the best plugin by seeing if they can –

  • The plugin should connect your audience to all other social media accounts
  • It shouldn’t slow down your website
  • It should be easy to use for beginners
  • Each task should be able to be automated
  • Update and support are a must
  • Try to choose a plugin with an affordable price and it should offer a free version for trial too.

Best social media plugins in 2023 –

For beginners, it may become overwhelming to select the best social media plugin for their WordPress website. That’s why we have shared the top 11 best social media plugins that web developers can use in 2023. These plugins or tools are seamlessly helpful in sharing content through multiple social media channels. Try and install these plugins to save your time. Let’s dive into their features and functionalities.

  1. Jetpack

    Jetpack is an all-around media plugin, powered by Automattic. Having about 5 million active installs, it has sharing buttons for multiple social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. You can also customise the follow button’s appearance to track the analytics. It also includes the automation to schedule, promote and post the content.

    It has beneficial features like connecting with multiple accounts, scheduling posts, tracking share stories, adding official sharing buttons, creating custom buttons for display and more. The block for social media feeds is an addition. The free version is available and paid plan starts at $4.92 monthly.

  2. Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Plugin

    Instagram is popular these days, hence you using your Instagram photos in WordPress is a great idea and Smash Balloon Instagram Feed can help you do that. Almost 1 million websites are already using this customisable plugin. It has many feed layouts available with stories, hashtags, shopping, and more. It also stores a cache of Instagram images to work your website faster. The tool is filled with all the advanced features such as showing tagged items on your profile feed or hiding any post. From blog posts to sidebars, and pages, developers can embed the feed anywhere. The free version is available to use basic features.

  3. Social Warfare

    Social Warfare is a responsive plugin to share social channels on your website. This tool provides multiple features like uploading Pinterest images, customised sharing buttons for your website, a widget to display the most viewed, shared content on the website and functions to drive more traffic from image-sharing social media platforms.

    You won’t require any complicated setup for using this plugin. You can also analyse your social data by adding UTM tracking to shared links. This tool is built to manage content sharing on social media and create new customised social sharing buttons.

    With Social Warfare, you can –

    • Customise images, titles, and descriptions
    • Showcase the popular posts on top
    • Use Google Analytics to track social share analytics
    • Build tweetable quotes
  4. Shared Counts

    Chosen by multiple developers, shared counts is an uncomplicated plugin with limited social network usage such as – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Yummly, Stumbleupon, and LinkedIn.

    This plugin is mainly popular for the share button and offers multiple button styles and allows you to add the button before or after the content and allows measuring the total sharing on all networks.

  5. Revive Old Posts

    Revive.Social has built the ultimate plugin, Revive Old Posts for all the developers to attract the audience toward past blogs. The developer can use its WordPress dashboard to schedule and share the post automatically. This tool also helps you generate relevant hashtags. It has useful features such as one can Shorten URLs, share custom post types, integrate with your social media channels, tracking shared posts, deciding the time between posts, and sharing posts once they are published. Its paid version starts at $75 annually.

  6. Smash Balloon

    We have talked about a similar tool for Instagram above. But, this is a high-quality tool having a group of powerful tools which can connect your social media platform to a WP site which are easy to use. The Smash Balloon helps add social feeds from different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can build YouTube feeds, add unlimited feeds, showcase tweets and Twitter cards, link Instagram stories and customise the feed designs. This plugin is best for users who want to focus on one targeted social media platform.

    Even though configuring the Smash balloon takes time, it’s the all-in-one solution for all social media platforms in WordPress. Some of the tools in this plugin are free such as Social Photo Feeds, the purchases start from $299.

  7. Better Click to Tweet

    Better Click to Tweet is the Twitter-specific plugin. It helps make attractive quotes from the popular and shared content on your website. This free tool allows you to add blocks of Click to Tweet on the WP website. Developers can easily use this tool with Classic editor and WP block editor. It’s perfect in its own thing managing Twitter on your website providing Adjustable callback URL options, shortcode, CSS styling, and link shortener.

  8. Nextend Social Login

    Nextend Social Login is one of the popular Social media plugins that allow your visitors to log in and enrol to your WordPress website via their social accounts. You can use its built-in login support for many popular social media networks like Facebook, and Twitter and platforms like Apple, Github, PayPal, Discord, Slack and more. Developers can link the WP profile with a social profile, integrate social login to website comments, request custom usernames and much more.

    It’s the best plugin for e-commerce and WooCommerce websites to add registration and login forms. It may not support and work with all popular ways of logging in. Its free version is available to use.

  9. WordPress to Buffer

    Do you use Buffer social media management software? If yes, then WordPress to Buffer plugin is for you. Using this tool, you’ll stay updated with your Buffer account and upcoming posts that you might have scheduled.

    Use this tool to add and post your WP content on the selected Buffer queue. This handy tool can post automatically on social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and schedule publications. This tool helps prevent the social media account from being suspended. And you also use dynamic tags which are already signed to your post content, description, title and more. Use Buffer’s default schedule to post the content at the right time when the audience wants to see it.

    The WordPress to Buffer is easy to install, configure and use. With its installation, you won’t require to encounter any complicated configuration processes, app IDs, and authorization tokens. Hence, with just a few clicks through Buffer, connect your audience to your social media accounts. Its Pro plan starts at $39 annually.

  10. Monarch

    Developers may have familiar with the popular page builder tool, Elegant Themes. It provides a plugin for social networks called Monarch. Monarch is supported over social sharing networks. This helps you add and manage multiple channels and can be used in different situations. Monarch has many key features as it supports image-sharing options for social networks, customization options for sharing buttons and share counts is available.

    It also offers various options for placing buttons in sidebars, pop-ups, footers and more. If you are an Elegant Themes member, then you’ll also find it very easy to navigate. The custom panel allows developers to change, set up and manage the settings in one place. Plans for Monarch start at $89 manually.

  11. Blog2Social

    Blog2Social has about 70,000 active installations in WordPress. the social media sharing process becomes automated using this tool where you won’t require to be online during blog post uploads on your social media networks. You can use it freely as it works on all the top social media platforms with automatic processes and timely updates.

With this tool, one can create a backlink to gain more consumers via post. This plugin allows you to publish the selected content to pages, groups, community pages, and profiles that you have already set on social platforms.

In conclusion, we say overall, you need to decide your specifications first, then try the above plugins. A plugin should have a social sharing feature. You can use the free version of JetPack and Shared Count for the first trial. Smash Balloon can be the best choice for developers looking for an all-in-one social media tool.


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