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Offshore eCommerce Website Development Company in Kolkata, India

Using adaptable, strong, and future-proof eCommerce platforms, we deliver next-level eCommerce solutions so you can concentrate on growing your business. The success rate and the major key factor behind any successful eCommerce website are measured by how efficiently the website or online store drives more sales. Product accessibility plays an important role here, and team CrackleCode knows how to provide your visitors with the ultimate browsing experience. Our e-commerce website design and development services deliver the premium online shopping experience consumers expect today.

If you are planning to hire eCommerce developers, then CrackleCode is the right place. Our expert eCommerce designers and developers are ready to develop and deliver you a fast-loading, attractive, feature-rich, and secured eCommerce website. Our affordable and budget-friendly eCommerce Web development and maintenance packages are specially designed for companies of various sizes. Our 100% on-time delivery makes CrackleCode the most trusted eCommerce development agency in the global market.

Ecommerce Development
Services offered by CrackleCode

CrackleCode is a premier Ecommerce development company in India. We pull out the imperative needs of the consumer across the globe through creative and recent technologies. We provide an impressive set of Ecommerce solutions.

Store Development

Being a top eCommerce web design company in Kolkata, India, we design interactive yet user-friendly online stores. With our expertise in online store development, we can manage a variety of complex projects and that is what has made CrackleCode, an expert eCommerce development company in Eastern India.

B2C & B2B

Whether it’s a Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B) eCommerce solution, our expert and experienced eCommerce developers develop feature-rich online shops that fulfil all criteria to make your store robust and secure; so that your visitors love to browse and feel confident to place orders.

Integration Services

Through the use of WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart etc. we provide you with feature-rich marketplaces that are integrated with CMS platforms. Hire eCommerce developers from CrackleCode, the most trusted eCommerce design and development agency in Kolkata, India.

eCommerce Platform

Multi-vendor e-commerce stores are marketplaces where multiple sellers sell their products, goods and services to multiple customers. As an eCommerce software development company, we use popular multi-vendor marketplaces – Dokan plugin, Yith extension, Magento 2 Marketplace etc. to develop your store.

Custom Ecommerce Development

Team CrackleCode has a pool of experienced and skilled eCommerce developers who are proficient to develop your online store in a custom environment. Every open-source eCommerce platform has its own limitations so, we offer custom solutions that allow you to implement every feature that your store requires.

Consulting Service

We offer a free consultation service to understand your business requirements and purposes. Our technical experts analyse various factors including your budget and time to suggest the best platform for developing your eCommerce website that complies with your business demand.

Migration and
Upgradation Services

To sustain and stay ahead in the fast-changing web spectrum, not only do the websites need to be updated regularly but also to get the best result, it requires an upgradation to the best e-Commerce development platform. Just sit back and relax while we handle A-Z of your website migration and upgradation processes.

Gateway Integration

The popularity of eCommerce websites depends on the capabilities of processing online payments securely. Design, functionality etc. does not hold any value if customers are not confident to transact on your website. Our completely secured payment procedure gives your customers a stress-free payment experience.


To satisfy the expanding expectations of customers, API integration enables eCommerce marketers to easily include components of their online businesses from many platforms and tools. CrackleCode, the best eCommerce development firm is an expert in integrating all kinds of payment, shipping, order and other APIs.

Plugin and
Module Development

A plugin is a component or software that makes a functionality work and returns desired results. The plugins are reusable add-ons or extensions that make the development process organised and fast. Our expert web developers can create and add custom code to the plugins to get optimum outcomes.

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Popular eCommerce Development Platforms

We Develop Affordable, SEO Optimised & Secured eCommerce/Online Store for your business

helping you in serving your customers with vital Ecommerce features. It will be extremely wise for you to take advantage of a digital solution that will give significance. With our latest solution, you will get an increase in profit and user engagement and of course a well-organized application.

  • Magento Development

    An Ecommerce website stage owned by Adobe. Here it provides access to several unique characteristics which help you to connect with customers and sell the products. It is designed to enhance the Ecommerce website.

  • WooCommerce Development

    It’s the most renowned customizable Ecommerce platform. It helps in delivering a simple yet elegant shopping cart experience

  • Shopify Development

    From marketing to building secure payment checkouts for customers who want to get full control over your Ecommerce website. A tool that will provide you with all those attributes which will help you to create and execute the online store with ease.

  • Opencart Development

    Our team gives the best effort to help you in measuring and growing your online business with the Opencart Store management system. Opencart has 320,000 Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Globally.

Your website is your brand identity

Discuss with us to enhance your website popularity locally and globally.

10 Tips to make any eCommerce website mobile friendly that generate leads successfully

Become more agile to give your consumers a seamless mobile browsing experience at your online store that will drive a huge amount of traffic and engage them to your website. Our worldwide happy and satisfied online store owners made us the most valued eCommerce Web design company in India. The decade of experience turned the team CrackleCode into an expert and knowledgeable in understanding the tips and tricks of how to design and develop a mobile-friendly eCommerce website that makes your business grow online faster and become successful globally.

What makes your mobile eCommerce website appealing and useful? The criteria we follow to make your eCommerce website mobile friendly and optimise to load faster.  

  • We organise and distribute the graphics and images evenly throughout the pages and optimise them manually to make sure the pages load quickly on mobile devices.
  • Not using pop-ups and sidebars on the mobile eCommerce as both are inconvenient to manage due to the small display area of mobiles.
  • Eliminate unnecessary elements and make the mobile page specific so that users do not struggle to get the proper and specific information.
  • We incorporate Fast one-click and guest checkout features to restrain users from long payment procedures and save time.
  • Keep useful features like, ‘Similar Products’, ‘You may also like’ and ‘Customer who bought this item also bought’ etc.
  • Using sliders to accommodate more products and information in a single display area and avoid long scrolling.
  • Easy to access the menu and contact information.
  • Finger-friendly and highlighted Call to action button.
  • Reduce spaces between the sections to display useful content in the screen area.
  • Sticky menu holding useful links, options and elements.

Discuss with us to enhance your website popularity locally and globally.

Why Choose CrackleCode?

As Your White Label Offshore eCommerce
Development Agency for Outsourcing Your
Ecommerce Website Development Services

The CrackleCode team is pledged for offering quality and full-fledged Ecommerce development services to its client across the world. We have an expert team of Ecommerce website developers who delivers their project on time.

best web developers in India

Customer-Oriented UI/UX Design

We use bespoke or custom designs to enhance the overall look of your website. It will help your targeted audience to browse the site effectively and effortlessly. In the design phase, we offer unlimited changes to ensure you get your design exactly the way you have envisioned.

High Performance & Speed

Our eCommerce website design and development are aligned with the standard SEO norms. We manually optimise each and every image and if required, we use image optimization plugins to ensure the website loading time is within three seconds. All our backend programming codes are hand coded so that no junk codes are present to impact the overall site performance.

Multiple Ecommerce Platforms

A decade-old experience and a team of skilled developers have made us experts and versatile to develop an eCommerce website on any latest platforms with cutting-edge technologies. Our wide range of expertise allows us to offer the right solution for your business.

Testing and Quality assurance

We run several test trials to ensure all the functionalities of the website works perfectly. The process includes testing in all sectors, be it cross-browser testing or device friendliness or code validation, we prepare a complete test report to confirm there aren’t any glitches in the system.

Custom and flexible solutions

Every business is unique; so the overall approach and solutions have to be tailored to give the best possible sales figure. The business requirements change to match the ever-changing local and global factors. We develop online stores that are flexible enough to adapt to the changes by adding or removing features and functionalities.

Advanced Security & Scalability

We take every measure to protect your online store from any adverse situations. Our advanced planning, coding and deployment are flexible enough to expand and convert leads with your growing businesses. Your one-time investment in designing and developing your eCommerce website will continue to process data and generate leads in years to come to maximise your profit.

On-Time delivery

To achieve project deadlines, we employ a well organised and seamless development process. We prioritise our customers’ time and money and never compromise with the quality. Our best passionate and dedicated eCommerce developers use their excellent skills to complete and deliver your online store in scheduled time.

Easy Hiring

Hire ecommerce developers, outsource

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Why you need an online store?

Benefits Of Developing an Ecommerce Website

If there is a debate on Physical stores vs Online shops; then the Online store will always be the clear winner considering all aspects. Everyday millions of people search online for products and services. Online shopping has gained never-seen-before popularity and is now known as a simple way to acquire goods and services from wherever and whenever you want to.

Your eCommerce store will give you the privilege to interact directly with your customers and on top of that, you will also have the details of your customer information which helps in lead-generation for your marketing strategies to boost your online sales.

The E-Commerce website will give you the freedom to operate your business from anywhere. You can enjoy the dual benefits of selling your products to B2C and B2B customers. You can also synchronise your products to giant marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Being the best eCommerce solution provider in India, our team of expert eCommerce consultants will guide you to launch your online store and grow your business.

Reduced Business Costs

When comparing a physical store vs an online store, which one is profitable? The online store is a clear winner. An eCommerce store requires no brick and mortar space as a storefront display, with no maintenance and overhead cost. It thus saves all kind of recurring expenses.

Effortless CMS Management

Our developers make your life hassle-free by developing an easy-to-manage backend system to control your online store with just a few clicks. We provide free training and help documentation that will educate other people in your organisation and will save your time.

One-click reports creation

Unlike the manual report creation of the physical stores, you can generate various reports such as sales/revenue reports, order reports, product reports, Transaction reports, visitors reports etc within a second. It’s so useful to run and make business decisions quickly and efficiently.

No Geographical Limitations

The online store is a means to reach out to every corner of the world and that too 24*7, with no geographical boundaries, no time zone differences and no language barrier. Simple, efficient and automated technology will give your customers an excellent shopping experience.

Showcasing a wide range of products

Being the best eCommerce website design company in Kolkata, India, our highly skilled designers will help you to showcase your products and services in such a way that is easily visible and accessible, using lesser clicks and optimised images to display the details in a minimum turnaround time.

Increase Search Engine Visibility

Our expert eCommerce developers have the expertise to develop SEO friendly websites that makes it easier for the search engines like Google, Bing, Duckduckgo and others to index and rank the pages on their respective SERPs, which in turn enables unlimited visitors round the clock to your website.

Encouraging Deals and Discounts

Attract and retain your customers by offering lucrative deals and discounts through stunning visual elements to increase your sales. Our creative designers design awesome graphics, coupons and banners which made us the best eCommerce store designing company in India.

Ecommerce Maintenance
& Support Services

All over India, we provide the industry’s most versatile, reliable, and measurable Ecommerce development solution for your better experience. You can explore limitless possibilities in building, growing, and innovating your online business with the help of our Ecommerce development services.

Get a good clutch among your competitors in the market with agelong e-Commerce Maintenance & Support

Three things you are unaware of: How much, whenever, whatever. We provide our clients with lifelong support through our keen expert executives. Whenever you need our support we will be at your service so contact us hassle-free. Whatever the need is for either maintenance or version update. Stay on top of your competitors with our maintenance and support.

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