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How you can launch your own website designing and development Start-up company / business in India

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How to Start a Website Design and Development Business – Here’s all you need to know

Websites are essential for businesses these days. The business can be small or large, multinational or local. There have been a lot of businesses set up to develop web applications. A huge number of companies provides services on this market, and a huge number of people buy from it. Due to this, you have all the necessary resources to start your own web design and development company. The business is not always successful or is operated in a serious manner in the long term for all. When a company takes their business seriously, clients are always comfortable doing business with them. We want people who have jobs, not freelancers who are running businesses.

Most of the time, customers are often people who have burned their money at the hands of freelancers who have either sabotaged their projects or quit in the middle of them after getting a good-paying job.

You should do a few things if you intend to open a web design and development business.

Web Design and Development Company Structure

Creating a company is the first and most important step. It’s unfair to say that your future clients won’t feel comfortable working with you personally. The formation of a company also shows that you are serious about your endeavor. Clients are unlikely to build a long-lasting relationship with a freelancer taking payment in his savings account.

Then, what options do you have in order to form the company?

A Proprietorship

A proprietorship is the easiest type of company.

Corporations with only one owner are called proprietorships. An owner of a business is a proprietor.

The formation of a company is always accompanied by legal requirements.  In some cases, the company must pay income tax or sales tax, depending on whether it is sales tax liability. A proprietorship has minimal compliance requirements.

Therefore, when it comes to forming a company, this is the easiest option. Therefore, if you own a business as a sole owner and do not have any partners, then proprietorship makes sense.

A proprietorship does have some disadvantages, however.

A proprietorship has both pros and cons.


  • Easy incorporation
  • Cost-effective
  • Tax rates in various slabs
  • Quick formation


  • Can only be owned by one person
  • Loans may be difficult to get

A company has unlimited liability, i.e. all liabilities are yours. In the event that you do not repay the loans, your belongings may be seized by the bank.

Even though proprietorships do have some disadvantages, they remain a popular choice for business owners.

Creating a Partnership

When several people are involved in the company’s ownership, this method of formation makes sense. Partnerships adhere to fewer regulations than proprietorships. Partnerships are equally liable as proprietorships. Furthermore, both partners are responsible for their actions.

A simple partnership deed printed on stamp paper can be used to form the partnership. Prior to signing any deed, consult with a lawyer, CS, or CA.

It takes only a few minutes to form the company since it is based on a deed. The income tax rate is flat, just like it is for proprietorship firms.

Here are the pros and cons of partnering


  • Ease of formation
  • Low formation costs
  • Minimal compliance


  • Flat taxation
  • The company’s liabilities are all your responsibility. Defaulting on loan repayment may lead to the bank seizing your belongings.
  • Furthermore, you share responsibility for the deeds of your partner.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Limited liability companies or LLPs are popular options for joint venture business owners.

Partnerships and LLPs differ primarily in that:

  • Company registration is required by ROC (Registrar of Companies)
  • Partners are limited in their liability

Whenever you register your company with the ROC (Registrar of Companies), you will need to apply for the approval of your company name ahead of time. Any name will not do. When naming your business, you must follow certain guidelines.

The process is therefore lengthy. LLPs have the disadvantage that they are expensive to set up. A formation of an LLP requires about Rs. 10,000 in professional charges. This cost varies with the city as well as the professional’s experience, but it definitely exceeds that of a proprietorship or partnership. Compliance with LLPs is higher than it is with sole proprietorships, partnerships, and limited companies.


  • Comply more easily than private limited companies
  • Low formation costs
  • Limit of liabilities
  • Getting loans is easier than with partnerships


  • Low tax rate
  • Extensive paperwork
  • Requires more filing than a partnership

One Person Companies (OPCs) and Private Limited Companies (PLCs) are a few additional options available. You should not choose these options when you are just getting started. The cost of forming and running them is high. Furthermore, forming them takes time.

Compliance has increased by more than 1000% thanks to the government’s new policies on corporate affairs.

  • Company registration is required by ROC (Registrar of Companies)
  • Partners are limited in their liability

Whenever you register your company with the ROC (Registrar of Companies), you will need to apply for the approval of your company name ahead of time. Any name will not do. When naming your business, you must follow certain guidelines.

The process is therefore lengthy. LLPs have the disadvantage that they are expensive to set up. A formation of an LLP requires about Rs. 10,000 in professional charges. This cost varies with the city as well as the professional’s experience, but it definitely exceeds that of a proprietorship or partnership. Compliance with LLPs is higher than it is with sole proprietorships, partnerships, and limited companies.

Right Tool for Website Design and Development

Each of these will be discussed briefly.

  • Weebly

    Easily edit your customer’s site whenever you need to with Weebly, the easiest online website builder. Most people want this feature. Furthermore, Weebly offers a dedicated design platform for web designers. The white-labeling process is quick and easy, so you can present yourself professionally. Weebly is often dismissed as “too simple” by web designers, but that rests on your point of view.

    The small business-friendly nature of Weebly makes it an ideal platform.

  • WordPress

    In the world of web design, WordPress is the most popular platform. The software is highly customizable and versatile. Customization of WordPress is possible. Having so much versatility comes at the price of complexity. The learning curve for the system is quite steep. Those who want to become web designers should learn WordPress.

  • Shopify

    If you build websites only for e-commerce clients, Shopify is the best choice. In the world, it is the #1 e-commerce web design platform. With their endless innovation, they make online selling dead simple. With their various products, you can also build multiple income streams with their reseller version of their platform.

  • Squarespace

    Squarespace advertises on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TV, radio, billboards, and pretty much all of my favorite podcasts. You can find them everywhere. Their popularity is undeniable. It might be worth trying.

  • Wix

    Also popular is the DIY website builder Wix. Weebly’s platform lacks a number of features that WordPress offers, while Wix provides quite a few. Unfortunately, Wix’s website loads very slowly. It’s worth keeping in mind.


The benefits bar sits right below your main menu, giving your buyers a reason to shop from your website.

Benefit bars should include some information about your delivery in general. Free or fast delivery is a good idea in most cases. You can offer a discount on your first order. In the first order, conversion rates are very crucial, so this is designed to maximize them.

It might also make sense to offer a discount on first orders since the first order is when you buy a customer and eventually gain their loyalty.

When it comes to mobile, the best way to implement this would be to have it scroll through.

The great thing about the benefits bar is that it appears on every single page of your site. In other words, from whatever landing page you are getting your visitor, the benefits bar helps you to establish your offers to them thus motivating them to buy the products or services from your website.

Invest In the Right Technology

Technology keeps changing. Choosing the right technology is therefore crucial. Investments should not be lost.

Imagine that after learning technology X that has disappeared. In addition to losing money, clients and time, you will also lose your reputation. Time is of the essence. Develop a web development business that will stand the test of time. Your marketing burden will be reduced and the path to getting clients will be a bit easier if you select the right technology.

Mastering One Skill at a Time

Having the ability to do everything and master nothing does not work in business. When building websites for your clients, you need to be familiar with the technology you will be using. No good is knowing PHP, Java, or Python even if you know some of these languages. If you do not have complete knowledge of the technology, you will not be able to take on complex projects. It will ultimately cost you high-ticket projects.

Do not become someone who is an expert in everything, instead, specialize in one thing. You will be able to better position yourself with this information.

Starting With One Technology

Having mastered one thing might be helpful down the road. Clearly, it has many benefits. Let us see what they are:

You may want to show off multiple technologies if you are starting your own business. Java and PHP maybe your strong points. With either technology, you will be able to complete any project.

If you are a team of one person, completing projects in multiple languages is challenging when you pitch all of the technologies that you are knowledgeable about. Language switching and switching frameworks are not as simple as they seem.

It is, therefore, best to choose only one technology, to begin with. There is no reason to dedicate a team or a partner to particular technologies.

Branding your Web Development Company

The absence of a brand identity is comparable to the absence of a door for a shop. Despite a name, your business needs to brand itself. By branding yourself, including your logo, slogan, and tagline, you will start to be identified by your customers and prospects.

Of course, you cannot start at the very beginning. It is never too late to start your efforts.

Then how does an identity get created?


In no time at all, your logo becomes your company’s face. The logo itself begins to identify your company. An organization’s logo is a key visual element. Additionally, it goes on your website, business cards, brochures, and marketing collateral.

Check out these guidelines on Logo Designing

  1. Designing your website in an esoteric way is not recommended. Avoid complicated logos that are hard to understand.
  2. A simple design never goes out of style. Simplicity wins over complexity in terms of logos.
  3. Multipurpose logos are important. All of the marketing materials, from websites to social media, should look flawless.
  4. Colors should not be overdone. It is not going to be rainbows.
  5. Design generically to the extent possible.

What are common logo designs?

Are there any logos that look the same? Various depictions display the globe, upward-pointing graphs, magnifying lenses, and upward-pointing graphs.

Such generic designs should be avoided. A lazy designer created these uninspired designs. Low-cost designers typically will not do an excellent job of designing a logo for you if they choose to work with you.

Custom Logo Design Options

Your logo design options are plentiful. Optional paid and free services are available.

  • Free Options
  • Design your own logo with Canva.
  • Online Logo Maker Namecheap.
  • Paid Options
  • 99Designsz
  • Design Crowd
  • Freelancer
  • Placeit
  • Logo Genie

Color palette

Branding is greatly influenced by the color palette. Color selection is crucial to conveying the right message.

Imagine that a hospital is painted in the color red. It cannot be pretty, can it? Or, the most boring colors ever used by a branding agency.

Therefore, selecting the right color palette is crucial.

These guidelines can be followed to create a color palette:

  • Identify the colors you’d like to use.
  • Choose seven to eight colors instead of going overboard.
  • In choosing colors for your brand, you should reflect your brand identity.

Color palette selection: how to choose one?

The theory of color does not play an important role when picking colors. There are a number of websites that provide color palettes. Selecting colors is the only thing you need to do.

You can choose from:



Typography includes the fonts, size of fonts used for a variety of graphical elements, including headings, subheadings, etc. Typography can be defined very crudely in this manner. The definition is not even the right word. The idea is clear, though.

Choosing fonts for websites, marketing collateral, etc., is necessary to create a consistent brand experience.

Typography guidelines include the following:


  • Fonts should not be overdone. Choose two or three fonts at most.
  • Make smart font pairings. Choose complimentary fonts.
  • Make sure the fonts are readable. Fonts that are too complex are not easy to read for everyone.

Despite the closely related nature of branding and designing, it all starts with a plan. Your branding should match who you are, what you do, and what sets you apart from your competitors. Branding gives you a competitive advantage as well as long-term benefits.

Your Web Design And Development Company’s Online Presence

It’s now time to decide what kind of technology you’re going to employ. The time has come to build your web presence.

Name of the domain

Buying your company’s domain name is the first step. Namecheap allows you to purchase a domain name.

Among the general rules to follow when choosing a domain name are:

  1. Trademarks should be avoided.
  2. Choosing a domain name that is easy to remember is recommended.
  3. A name with a double meaning should be avoided.
  4. Simplicity is the key.
  5. To the extent possible, avoid using dashes.
  6. Your domain name should include the name of the technology if it is a mature one that will endure for quite some time. If not, do not use it.
  7. It may be worth purchasing the domain name for more than one year.


As a web designer and developer, you run a business. You would commit a crime if you did not have a website.

An interior designer without an office will not be given work. Do not settle for less than pixel-perfect results. Take your time to build a website that’s pixel-perfect.

It is not necessary to have a multipage website to build for yourself, but you must create the perfect one. An amateurish look is not appropriate. Another example is an interior designer with a shabby office. You will not hire such a professional.

You need a perfect website, therefore.

  • The website should be simple.
  • A website with only one page.
  • Quality will be the deciding factor.

Presence on Social Media

It may not be necessary for you to participate in social media. However, your company cannot ignore it. Social media is something that people do check out. Additionally, organic leads may be generated. When you are just getting started, that may be difficult.

The following social media sites are a good place to start:

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

It is essential that you create Facebook and LinkedIn cover images that are appropriate. Create cover images using Canva.


Positioning refers to the perception of a company by prospective clients and the general public.

You are not automatically positioned as a premium device manufacturer just because you have a premium product.

Your message must be targeted for that.

In addition to your logo and website, you should make sure all of your marketing materials adhere to the highest standards. Offering high-quality products and services is a given.

How does it relate to you?

Our web design and development services now allow us to position ourselves as, for example,

  • A premium web designer and developer
  • A low-cost web designer and developer
  • Cheap web designer and developer
  • WordPress developer
  • Expert Laravel developer

There is no shortage of choices. There are a number of possible positions that one can be positioned in any relevant category. But, rebranding and moving away from a position also require a lot of effort and money.

Promote your company

A few things should be done before you start meeting people:

  • You can print business cards on any online printing services like Vistaprint for a reasonable price.
  • Your presentation should be prepared.
  • Preparation of a one-pager flyer that can be shared over WhatsApp, Telegram or any other popular chatting apps.

Build a Portfolio

You need a portfolio of websites before you can receive high-ticket orders. You are already ready to showcase your websites if you currently have any.

Last thing to remember –

Your web design and development company should be built in this manner. A web design and development company must possess technical knowledge. However, gaining clients is more likely if you have a solid strategy.

As a result, we put more effort into choosing the right technology, creating a brand identity, and building a strong presence online and on social media.

Owning your own web design and development business is a great decision you made. A smart strategy and following the right path will give you a multifold increase in your business.