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Welcome to CrackleCode, the Startup Web Solution platform. We offer more than just a startup website – a bespoke package to boost your business from the get-go!”

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Hire the leading Startup Website Design and Development Company in India.

Based in Kolkata, India, CrackleCode assists global startup businesses in navigating the intricacies of their new websites. We have been serving B2B and B2C businesses for 11+ years. Whether you want to display your services on one page or multiple pages, our top web design development team will advise on the perfect custom solutions depending on your brand objectives and requirements. We build websites from scratch to look attractive, SEO-friendly, adaptive and engaging.


Our primary focus is to offer tailored web solutions, allowing you to focus on the growth of your business without any unnecessary stress.

Showcase Your Expertise

Highlight your products and services, showcasing the unique value proposition of your services that sets your business apart from competitors.

Educational Resources

Educate your audience by offering valuable content with insightful blog posts, whitepapers, or how-to guides that position your business as an industry thought leader.

Lead Capture Strategies

Utilize well-placed and enticing calls-to-action (CTAs) that encourage visitors to share their interests, subscribe to newsletters, or sign up for exclusive updates.


Why does a startup business need a website?

In today’s digitally-driven era, a website is a fundamental necessity for any startup business. It serves as the virtual storefront, a central hub for establishing and expanding an online presence. A website acts as the face of the business in the digital realm, providing a platform to showcase products, services, and brand identity. A well-made website from a leading startup web design agency, like CrackleCode, offers accessibility, enabling potential customers to learn about the business at their convenience. It serves as a powerful marketing tool, facilitating engagement and communication with a global audience. Moreover, a website builds credibility and trust, essential factors for attracting customers and investors alike. Contact the top startup web design and development company in India for long-term success.


Ultimate Online Package For Your New Startup Success

Ready to make your startup shine online? You’ll need a little help!

Connecting with CrackleCode, the best startup web design and development agency in India, you get the complete package for launching your startup website. We take care of everything because we understand a business startup needs attention.


Let our team of web design and development experts initiate a successful launch for your startup.


Free Domain Name and 

A web domain name is a unique address or identifier assigned to a specific location on the internet. It serves as the human-readable link to access a website. Our team at CrackleCode will register the suitable domain name for your startup.   

Professional Business Emails

Business email addresses typically use the domain name of the business in the email formats that are associated with your business. Hence, we will provide you with a personalised business email address to connect with your clients to establish a trustworthy communication channel.

Customised Marketing Strategy & Professional Guidance

Launching a website is just the beginning. Our package includes a complimentary, tailored marketing plan and our expert advice. Learn strategies to effectively promote your startup business online using the best search engine optimisation techniques.              

Professional Logo For Your Startup Website

A logo is the visual cornerstone of your brand identity. We understand the power of a well-designed logo in making a lasting impression, and our logo designer expertise ensures that your brand stands out in the competitive digital world with an eye-catching logo.

Website Design & Hosting With Our Expert Services

Stunning web design and reliable hosting are the backbone of a successful website. Our Website Design and Hosting services at CrackleCode are seamlessly integrated to ensure a unified and impactful digital presence for your startup business.          

Ongoing Support and Maintenance 

Our websites are built in a way so that you can easily update content yourself. Once we design and develop the website, you can contact us anytime to maintain and edit pages and content. We are available 24*7 to discuss all the issues about your startup site.  


Start Your Startup Right

Let’s build your online success story together!

We ensure you will love your startup website, which our web designer and developers built from scratch. Hire CrackleCode to get a growing web design for your business. We are always ready to change the design until you see it is perfect.




Our On-demand Startup Website Services

Achieve the Potential Growth of Your Startup Business With Robust Web Design and Web Development Services at CrackleCode   

From website development and design to marketing and more, our startup web services cater to your diverse needs. CrackleCode, India, provides customised web solutions that make your business convenient, reliable, and successful. Our Startup web services are included below –


Startup Website Design Services

Startup Web design at Cracklecode creates the visual functions and layout of a website from scratch. It involves the use of various design elements, such as colour, typography, graphics, and images, to create an engaging and user-friendly interface. The primary goal of web designers is to enhance the user experience and convey your startup identity effectively. 

Our designs are scalable, allowing for easy integration of new features and functionalities as your business evolves. Our startup web designers in India are experts in –

  • Landing Page Design
  • UI UX Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Print Media Design


Startup Website Development Services

Being the best Startup Web development service provider in India, our team is involved in the process of building and maintaining the functionality of a website or web application. It encompasses both the front-end and back-end development, each serving distinct purposes. At CrackleCode, we have full-stack developers who have a comprehensive understanding of the entire web development process, from designing the user interface to implementing server-side logic and database management. We offer multiple startup development services, including –

  • CMS Development 
  • PHP Development
  • Portal Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • eCommerce Development


Hire Web designers and Web developers in India.


CrackleCode Startup Web Solutions Includes Comprehensive Set of Features

To boost your startup website, our experienced web developers integrate important features –   

Integrated Social Media Integration

We help you expand your online reach effortlessly with integrated social media features. Share your content easily across various platforms, connecting with your audience and leveraging social networks for brand visibility.

Customizable Design Elements

Let us tailor your website’s look and feel with customizable design elements. From colour schemes to fonts, we ensure that your website reflects your brand identity and leaves a memorable impression on visitors.

Effortless Content Management System (CMS)

Manage your website content in a user-friendly way as we develop the website with a content management system (CMS). Update text, images, and other elements with ease, empowering you to keep your content fresh and relevant.

Built-in Analytics

Gain insights into your website’s performance with built-in analytics functionality. Track visitor behaviour, monitor page views, and gather valuable data to make informed decisions and optimize your online strategy.

Integration with Third-Party Tools

Our team enhance your startup website’s functionality by integrating third-party tools. Whether it’s e-commerce platforms, (CRM) systems, or marketing automation tools, we ensure a smooth integration for a streamlined business operation.

Regular Maintenance and Updates

To Keep your website in top-notch condition with regular maintenance and updates, the CrackleCode team provide ongoing support to address any issues promptly, ensuring that your website stays current and functions optimally.

Scalability for Future Growth

The scalable website architecture helps you plan for future expansion. Whether your business grows in size or you introduce new features, your website is designed to adapt, accommodating the evolving needs of your startup.

Works Everywhere

Ensuring an optimal user experience for everyone, we test your website on multiple browsers and in various environments. This guarantees that your website performs flawlessly, catering to users with diverse browsing preferences and internet speeds.


Implement a Smart Lead Capture System For a Better Conversion Rate

Revitalize your startup website with an integrated and sophisticated lead capture mechanism that our designer made to optimize customer conversion.

  • Intelligent Pop-ups for Targeted Engagement
  • Automated Lead Email Notification System
  • Multilingual features 
  • Smart & Streamlined Lead Forms
  • 24*7 Customer Live Chat Support


We say YES to complex tasks. We know you have more important startup milestones to achieve.

Smart Plans For Success

Clarity and transparency

To achieve success in the startup business, it is essential to get some ultimate ideas into the strategic planning. Our web consulting team shares experiences and victorious plans to help you stay ahead in the competitive market.

Free Quotation

Cost-effective prices

It is very easy to know your startup website cost before you hire CrackleCode. Click to apply for a free quotation of your project, and we will calculate the average price depending on your website requirements and complexity.

Build, Refine, and Launch

100% satisfactory website

Once we discuss the requirements, we build a remarkable website for startups. The website goes live only when you are satisfied with the results. Our team is always ready to change until the website is perfect.


Don’t Have Any Idea Of A Startup Website? Let us help 

If you don’t know what startup website is best for your business, our web consulting team in India will remove all your headaches regarding your website. We have experienced web designers and a top web developers team who know what a startup website should look like. Our goal is to drive more leads and conversions, ensuring top rankings on search engines like Google. Just contact us via email address or the contact form.


We Serve Multiple Industries Globally

Starting from startups to enterprises, our web services extend to every level and all industries. Decades of work experience and working on versatile requirements have made us the most promising and professional web development company across the globe. 

  • E-commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Finance and Banking
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Real Estate
  • Automotive Industry
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Non-Profit and NGOs

These are just a few examples, as our web solutions extend to businesses across various sectors, ensuring that each client receives a customized and impactful digital presence aligned with their industry-specific needs.


Looking For a White Label Startup Web Solution Agency in India? Hire CrackleCode 

We outsource professional startup websites in the UK, US, Australia and European countries with our in-house talent 

CrackleCode is the top agency name in India for providing White Label startup web design and development services. We offer bespoke web designs, seamless development, and robust digital strategies to other agencies so they can label their brand name on these projects and resell them to their clients. Hiring our IT company in India for White Label startup web solutions is a strategic decision that brings numerous advantages to the forefront. We are known for flexibility and adaptability, tailoring solutions to meet specific client needs. So, partner with the best White label digital company in India for cost-effective outsourcing web services.


Why Choose Our White Label Startup Web Services?

White Label startup web design and development is a kind of business model where CrackleCode, as the specialized service provider, creates web solutions, including websites or applications, and allows other businesses (clients or partner agencies) to rebrand those solutions as their own.

Ready-Made Solutions

Our team create pre-built website templates, themes, or entire web applications that are ready for customization. These solutions can be quickly deployed, saving time and resources for startups.

Rebranding Opportunity

Agencies can brand the White Label solutions with their own logos, colour schemes, and other visual elements, giving the appearance that the solution was developed in-house.

Support and Maintenance

We offer ongoing support and maintenance for all the website solutions we provide. This ensures that startups can rely on a stable and well-supported web platform.

Technical Expertise

We have a team of skilled professionals who specialize in web design and development. Brands can leverage this expertise without having to hire and maintain an in-house development team.


Hire Reputable Startup Web Design Development Agency

Embark on your startup journey with confidence by choosing to partner with a professional web design and development agency in India. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that startups encounter, and our website solutions are designed to address these dynamics. We are available 18*7 to discuss your startup project needs.

Click now to receive a free quote and trust us to deliver an exceptional web model for your business.


FAQs –

What are the benefits of having a website for a startup business?

Having a website is crucial for startups, offering a range of benefits that can significantly impact their growth and success.

  • Websites have global visibility
  • Enhances the credibility and professionalism
  • 18/7 Availability
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Cost-Effective Marketing
  • Valuable Data Analytics and Insights


How long does it take to complete a startup website project?

The timeline for each project varies based on its complexity, number of pages and specific requirements. We work closely with our clients to establish realistic timelines, ensuring timely delivery without compromising quality. 

Is my website going to be mobile-friendly?

Yes, all our websites are designed to be fully responsive, ensuring optimal performance and smooth user experience across various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

What is the average startup website design and development cost in India?

The cost of the startup website depends on your custom requirements. Typically, the cost starts from £199 or £24.99/month and rises depending on the project’s complexity. Choose the hiring model that best fits your project requirements, whether it’s consistent support, fixed-price projects, or flexible hourly arrangements. Contact us for a free quotation and know your project cost. 

Why should you hire CrackleCode for your startup website?

CrackleCode is one of the best startup website design and development companies in India. Choosing us for your startup website development comes with a myriad of benefits that set us apart in the industry.

Strategic Professional Approach

We always have a strategic and professional approach to every project, ensuring we stay focused on your goals.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Team

Our team is made up of highly qualified and experienced professionals who bring a lot of know-how to each project.

In-House Expertise

We handle everything in-house, making sure all aspects of your website development are well-integrated.

Proven Reputation in the Market

We’ve built a solid reputation in the market, proven by our successful projects across different industries.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is clear and competitive, giving you a fair deal and transparent value for your investment.

Local Insight, Global Perspective

We understand the local scene but also look at the bigger picture globally, combining the best of both worlds.


Can I hire web designers and developers on a part-time basis?

CrackleCode offers flexible hiring models, including part-time options, to accommodate your specific project needs and budget constraints.

Do you offer maintenance and customer care?

Once we design a website, you can use it for your startup business growth. Our maintenance services include regular updates, security enhancements, and performance optimizations and more to ensure your website operates smoothly. Our customer care team is always ready to assist you with any queries, concerns, or technical issues.



Discuss with us to enhance your website popularity locally and globally.


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