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Grow your business with CrackleCode, a Top-Rated UI/UX Design Service Company in Kolkata, India

Get innovative, functional and customised UI designs.

CrackleCode is the leading UX/UI Design Company in Kolkata, India. The result-oriented UX Research and Design & Development services for web and apps are our prior service. We believe in designing best-in-class UI/UX design that allows the user to experience accessibility on your business portal. We have the best professional UI UX designers to offer different themes and options for your websites. We develop scalable and robust UI/UX designs that help grow your business. We collect insight during the research process and it helps in creating prototypes to get the final result.

Our hierarchical methodology in website design, development and mobile app layouts makes us the best UI/UX Design and Development Company in India. We offer:

  • Remarkable attractive designs
  • Research based developments
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Graphical layouts
  • Boundless digital experience
  • Navigation interface
  • Usability features for your customers

What is UI/UX design?

UI refers to User interface design and UX refers to user experience design. UI/UX designers design and develop the product’s user interface and experience on the website and application. The objective is to build the product to meet users’ requirements easily. The successful interface focuses on user interaction that includes menus, buttons, dropdown lists, text fields and other elements.

Difference between
UI and UX

UI is the interface in a website that a user sees including button and gesture controls. However; the UX is the experience that a user gets from a website design and deals with user behaviour.

UI makes the website or app product beautiful, while UX ensures everything functions well. If the UI is great but UX is not, then your customer can find your website attractive but won’t be able to figure out its works and use. And a website with the best UX and poor UI won’t engage the audience even though functionality will be user-friendly.

Simply, UI design is all about the interface function and its looks and UX design is about the overall user experience.

UI and UX Services we are best at

We create attractive & meaningful UI/UX designs that convert leads

Being the top-notched UI/UX design company in India, we offer UI and UX designs that encompass attractive functionalities and insights. Our experienced designers team designs and develop website and apps that suits your expectations. Using our logical and innovative work experience and strength, we ensure to provide result-oriented and quality products.

Responsive Website UI/UX Design

We create responsive website UI/UX designs for consistent user experience across different devices. It helps you rank your website on search engines. The user interface designs are getting new patterns providing a pleasant browsing experience.

Brand Identity

Showcase your brand history and unique background through multiple UI/UX platforms. We develop your brand identity by using your chosen elements including name, theme, design, colour, logo and other customise elements.

Mobile App UI/UX Design

Get a mobile app with the best, interactive and user-friendly UI/UX designs. Mobile apps are the best way to deliver your services. We deliver UI/UX designs to create the visually appealing app. The powerful visuals engage your audience.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Depending on UX strategy planning, we use Wireframe & Prototype designing. It helps draw the first outline of your project. CrackleCode’s designer builds strong and stable structures and layouts for the website, applications and other digital services.

UI and Usability Testing

UI and Usability testing of your website allow group representative users to check its design and functions. We keep testing the design so that users can easily use the interface. Enjoy our usability testing solutions to find design improvements.

Landing Page UX/UI Design

CrackleCode designers build customer-leading UX/UI landing pages. The landing page is the webpage that allows your visitors to take a certain action. Our appealing landing page designs are attractive, easy to function, and user-friendly to increase business sales.

UI/UX Consulting

Get a free UI/UX consultation from CrackleCode experts. Check out what your website can look like and what can make it look eye-catching. Contact our UI/UX designer team for the best insights to create a new UX and UI design for you.

Advantages of UI/UX Design Services

A design consisting of UX and UI enhances the user experience that leads to visitors to your website and application. Our experienced UI and UX designers offer you additional advantages with your website or application designs.

  • 01. Pixel Perfect visual representation

    UI/UX services provide a design with maximum sharpness that delivers efficient fidelity in the actual product. A pixel-perfect visual refers to a design that makes a design look identical on different devices till the last pixel. The sharp, clean and intentional UI/UX designs are free of distortions, aberrations and all design imperfections.

  • 02. Seamless flow that increases engagement

    The continuous flow in your UX and UI-designed website and application provides understandable and appealing features. It requires the conscious act of designing to increase engagement. The seamless user flow guides customers to use your UI/UX-designed website and application intuitively and logically.

  • 03. Improve online visibility

    Online visibility of your UI/UX website and the app helps your users understand your product. It includes the complete product information and its uses. Users are aware of your brand when the visibility is better. We use an open real-time communication channel, structure, online directories, compelling page titles and quality content to increase the UX visibility.

  • 04. Fast-loading using the optimised interface

    The high-speed UI/UX improves the website’s speed and performance. We use the optimised interface to load your web pages fast. It means you get more traffic with leading conversion rates. Our designers are experts in increasing the loading speed by enabling browser caching, minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, and advanced user interface.

  • 05. Good for lead conversion

    Covert prospective audiences into actual customers using high-quality UI and UX designs on your website and application. The UI/UX designs lead you to a high conversion rate that helps your business to make good revenue. Being the best UI/UX provider, CrackleCode visualises the data for each design and helps increase the number of your customers.

Are you looking for a reliable UI/UX design agency in India?

CrackleCode, your offshore UI/UX design partner for uninterrupted services at cost-effective pricing models

  • Deliver the project faster
  • Protected Source Code
  • Save a good amount on UI/UX Budget
  • Innovative and experienced experts Team

Looking for a performance-driven yet attractive and engaging website?

Cost-effective White-Label UI/UX Design Services

Become a UI/UX Design reseller with affordable White-Label UI/UX Design Services. We build customised UI/UX websites and apps depending on business needs. Our UI/UX projects are cleaner, easier to learn and user-friendly. We craft the interfaces to evoke a better image among the audience that you can offer to your clients.

Reasons to choose CrackleCode : A Result-Oriented Design Agency

Partner with CrackleCode to enjoy white-label UI/UX Design services.

  • Save your time
  • Affordable white-label services
  • Reduction in Development Costs
  • Long-time growth for an organisation
  • Get your designs within a set time frame
  • Acquaintance with technology
  • Grow overall productivity
  • Get an impressive market reputation

Hire UI/UX designers with a free trial

Tell us about your project and get a free trial to decide on the right UI/UX design. We convert your ideas into effective real-time apps and websites. Our best coders provide multiple UI/UX theming solutions for all organisations and businesses. Hire the best UI designers and UX designers at CrackleCode for your project.

  • On-time Delivery

    We are committed to delivering every project on time, no matter how complicated the project is.

  • UI/UX standards

    Each web or app project we start is strictly adhering to UI/UX standards and guidelines.

  • High success rate

    CrackleCode is trusted agency by worldwide clients known for its high success rate with all UI/UX projects.

  • UI/UX trends

    Our experts are perfect at anticipating the latest and most useful UI/UX design trends to keep them up-to-date.

Hiring Models

Discuss with us to enhance your website popularity locally and globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

UI and UX help businesses grow when you get a website and app to reach their audience online. UI web design services provide interface development. UX is the user experience designer where your app or website is customised according to the user’s eye. A website or application made with UI and UX defines the scalability that you can offer to your audience. It results in increased customer frequency on your business portal.

As a top-notched UI/UX design agency, CrackleCode provides customised services and you can contact our designers to change the layout and design anytime. Our designing process is research-based. Prototypes are open for our client to select the final design. Once the design is approved by the client, only then we start UI/UX development.

CrackleCode is a leading UI/UX design service agency with highly dedicated UI UX designers. The quality and unique designs attract clients towards our projects. With the offshore and white label UI UX service, our services are available worldwide which gave us the golden experience to work on multiple projects. Consultancy is free; hence discuss your website or app project with us.

At CrackleCode, UI/UX designers keep our clients up-to-date on a daily and weekly basis. We always ask our clients to finalise each element for their website or app.

UI UX projects could be complicated or easy. Depending on what you want on your website or your app, the cost varies. Several factors affect the cost of UI UX designs like the number of added features, pages and more. The best way to know your project cost is Contact Us, and discuss your requirements so that we can fix an affordable price for your UI UX designs.


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