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Trusted Website Maintenance, Management & Support Services in India

Hire the best Website Maintenance Company in India with 100% secure, updated and latest technology. CrackleCode helps improve website performance supporting all-size businesses across the globe.

Leverage our on-demand website maintenance plans – monthly, hourly or after-hours, and hire our expertise today.

What is Website maintenance?

Determining and fixing issues in a website is the process of website maintenance. It’s a routine website checkup that ensures your site performs well. The major tasks in website maintenance include plugin updates, theme updates, fixing broken links, CMS updates, page speed optimisation and SEO audits. It ensures that the conversion rate is high or not.

The best-maintained website lifts the website’s health and stands out your business with long-term benefits.

The topmost Website Maintenance & Support Services in India

In business, it is essential to hand over your website to secure hands. CrackleCode is the most trusted website maintenance service agency based in India, Kolkata offering uninterrupted web maintenance and tech support. Our services are absolute website solutions for worldwide businesses. From Updating Website Content to editing the website theme to Removing spam comments to adding google analytics code, we cover everything including restoring, building and maintaining to keep your website performance sustainable.

Even though you’ve spent a lot of money on the website, it can lose its functionality becoming obsolete if not maintained on time. Hence, we provide immense benefits with our flexible package and tailored maintenance plan.

Why does your business need ongoing web maintenance service

A strong online presence is crucial for each business. Maintenance is a must consistently to boost traffic growth and rank up in search engines. The website maintenance service guarantees to keep a website secure, achieve its goal and function optimally. Such services monitor and settle all difficulties that your website encounters and affect your business. Neglecting the website can slow down the performance, therefore if you have an existing business website, appoint the smartest web maintenance company.

The Benefits of Hiring a Website Maintenance Company in India

Your business will surely require an expert who can maintain your website in every aspect. CrackleCode has a website expert team skilled in developing a website to protect it. Here are the benefits of recruiting our web maintenance agency.

Fully Responsive Site

No matter what device your customers use, we maintain the responsiveness of a website to allow working across all devices including small and larger screen sizes.

Increase Traffic

We make your website fit into Google guidance and SEO standards that keep the relevant traffic on your website resulting in boosted growth.

Save Time

You don’t need to waste quality time inspecting the website behind the scenes. We save you time to focus on your business without any hassle.

Reduce Costs

Our inexpensive website maintenance packages offer more profit and reduce the overheads. Our in-house team reduce the maintenance cost.

What do our website maintenance services include?

Updating Website Content and Images

With online business, we serve to update the web content and photos to make your company trustworthy and increase traffic by levelling up the SERPs.

Layout modification of the theme

Reliable, and scalable features in layout modification enable the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle. We’re ready to make global changes to the website theme layout.

Plugin Installation and Configuration

Our web maintenance team is an expert in adding numerous features and functionality through plugin installation. Powerful plugin configuration increases conversion rates.  

Add a page or blog post

We assure to build new pages creatively and add blog posts to your existing website to provide changes that’ll directly affect your website ranking on search engines.

Colour customization of your website

Trust our team to put the customized colours depending on your brand requirements and make visitors take quick actions as we follow the colour philosophy.

Adding google analytics code on your WordPress site

Analytics is an integral process to keep an eye on the website performance and that’s why our maintenance services use google analytics codes to track activities on your website.

Landing page creation

We design landing pages for all types of marketing and advertising campaign that promotes your business and encourage the audience to click and buy your business.

Adding contact forms in WordPress

We create attractive contact forms to provide an easy way for your audience to express their concerns. Our broad knowledge offers all types of contact forms that your clients can easily relate to.

Remove dead links

Dead links don’t show up on any page access on your website; hence believe our web maintenance team to delete the dead links showing error codes, Bad URL, and Timeout on any page.

Remove spam/unwanted comments

Our complete website removes comments that are spam and irrelevant and ranks your site down search engines. We set up a comment moderation system to prevent unwanted comments.

Delete old posts/articles

Undesired posts and articles may seem spare that need to be eradicated from a website and we know its importance while maintaining a website.

Any other updates and revisions

Not a specific update but we are always ready to revise the complete website to inspect any other updates, errors and required fixes.

Customisation of theme to add / remove any feature / section

We suggest and customise the best of your business’s website theme by adding and removing features, functions, colours, sections and much more.

WordPress Gallery implementation using free plugins

No payments for gallery plugins. CrackleCode WordPress maintenance specialist in India focuses on the foremost options in enticing Gallery representation on a business website, like an e-commerce site.

Adding newsletter signup form from Aweber or Mailchimp

Newsletters are wide marketing automation and email marketing ways to connect your clients with your service. We take care of the newsletter signup through your web from the most popular email marketing platforms – Aweber and Mailchimp.

Our Hygiene Website Maintenance For Collective Content Management Systems

CrackleCode is a world-class web Maintenance Company with years of experience in wide CMS platforms.

WooCommerce Web Maintenance

The open-source WooCommerce websites offer stunning features for online businesses that’s why we, as the best WooCommerce web maintenance agency, take responsibility to prevent such websites from all unsupportive functions and elements.

  • Update all software
  • Test all checkout processes
  • WooCommerce malware Scan and filter spam
  • Run site speed tests
  • WooCommerce store Back up regularly

Shopify Website Maintenance

Your fully functional and sales-driven Shopify store must claim to be the perfect platform for your customers, however in case of any issue arrive, CrackleCode will always look for high-class solutions. We resolve all tech and design problems including integrated API, Plugin, theme or any other issue.

  • Shopify Code changes and correct Configuration
  • Update and tweak your store pages
  • Clear out old inventory
  • Required Designing Tweak in Shopify
  • Uploading the latest products and removing older ones
  • Product Listing Audits

Magento Web Maintenance

One of the prominent e-commerce web CMS used to deliver the custom enterprise solution. Being the leading Magento website maintenance agency, we keep an eye on your Magento activities to prevent and fix all errors, viruses and other concerns. Obtain quick assistance to maintain the Magneto website.

  • Security Patch Update and bug resolve
  • Magento Extension Installation
  • Handle refunds and returns using payment integration and Shipping Integration
  • Magento Version Upgradation

Joomla Maintenance

Our Joomla maintenance experts are skilled in web maintenance, support and migration offering powerful functionalities to your website. Based on the Joomla maintenance requirement, we suggest appropriate solutions and imply running the website smoothly.

  • Activate the Joomla maintenance mode
  • Version Update and Database Update in Joomla CMS
  • Google ReCaptcha code
  • Security Patch installation
  • Installing the latest useful Plugin with the update
  • Virus, malware and ransomware removal

WordPress Website Maintenance

Having issues with custom-built WordPress? We are available 24 hours a to help you maintain your WordPress website whether it is integrated to design, themes, functionalities, plugins, front-end development or any other issue.

  • Perform Speed Optimization
  • Clean up your WordPress database cleanup and update
  • Version Update and security and Plugin Update
  • Test your forms
  • Google ReCaptcha code
  • Database Update

OpenCart Website Maintenance

openCart is a dynamic e-commerce solution for enterprises that may encounter errors and problems sometimes after a certain time. We have a team of OpenCart Website maintenance that offers solutions for all issues that arrive in OpenCart web CMS without update and renewal.

  • Turn on OpenCart Maintenance mode
  • Website and version update
  • Auto-Monitoring setup
  • Domain & hosting-related support
  • Database, FTP, DNS checkup

Website Maintenance Services for the UK, US and other European Companies

Tailor-made maintenance solutions for everyone

CrackleCode website maintenance services aren’t limited to only India, but in other countries as well. We have a network of trusted partners who helps to reach your goals within less time. We, as the central and leading web maintenance provider, deliver maintenance packages in the UK, US and other European Countries.

We are the one-stop shop for complete web maintenance including design, content creation, front-end development, page creation, article posting, theme customisation and much more. Hence, gain the benefits if you have a business running in any corner of the world.

Make CrackleCode your partner to stay updated with Latest Technology

Hire the 100% secure web Maintenance service provider

Take step towards a better and more progressive business by making CrackleCode your web maintenance partner. We analyse the true problem running into your website, then execute and fix it based on our years of technical knowledge. Once you bring forth your hand towards us, we offer the best-suited website maintenance packages with the promise to keep your website up-to-date and clean from bugs and errors. Contact us to hire the world’s top-notched website maintenance service.

Hiring Models

Discuss with us to enhance your website popularity locally and globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

After a website is live, firms or businesses focus only on the revenue and ROI but forget the important issues that a website may confront over time; therefore, results in poor condition, less traffic, and low rank.

The maintenance service focus on core updates of the website that keep it blazing increasing the traffic and search engines optimise the business. it’s an essential service to improve the security layer of your web.

Being the high-rated website maintenance service in India, we add pages, content, images and many more elements that your online business requires. If you wish to remove any page, that also comes under our services.  

We have maintenance service packages available for Indian companies and non-Indian companies from the UK, the US, Australia and other European countries. Click Contact US to find your best-suited maintenance packages.

No. Website maintenance service is needed for all website and CMS platforms. Whether PHP, ASP. WordPress, Ecommerce or any platform/coding language, you’ll always need to maintain the site to perform it well.

CrackleCode offers a variety of specialist maintenance plans for every size of business and website type. You can talk to our team to discuss your website maintenance. Depending on the security and changes, the cost will always be varying.  


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